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The fastest way to test ideas and get feedback.

An idea can sound great on paper, but will it work in reality? With CodeSandbox you can try ideas, experiment with code, and produce proof of concepts with free, instant, collaborative sandboxes for rapid web development and sharing. Validate your ideas and get feedback faster.

"This is a great way to prototype and share ideas."
Rob Eisenberg

Rob Eisenberg

Software Architect, Universal Audio

Code anywhere inspiration strikes

With an online IDE that runs on any device with a web browser.

Collaborate on code

Work on code with friends and colleagues. Edit sandboxes together, just like in a Google Doc. With built-in chat you can discuss your changes.

No setup, no boilerplate

Get started right away with a template for any popular framework, or create your own—turn any sandbox into a pre-configured starting point.

Add any npm package

Import any of the 1M+ dependencies on npm directly from the editor.

See changes as you make them

With Hot Module Reloading and live previews, you can see changes as you type.

Share sandboxes with friends, or the world

With a secure URL, you can share your creations for feedback with just a click.