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Welcome to CodeSandbox! This documentation serves as a way for you to learn what CodeSandbox is, how to use it and what its APIs are.

What is CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox is an online editor that's built for web application development. Web application development is a growing field, and with all new configuration options it becomes harder and harder to focus on writing code. We make this easier by doing most configuration for you.

This focus on web application development allows us to do many more optimizations. We can analyze npm dependencies, we can show custom error messages for known errors, we can make projects easily searchable by npm dependency. The possibilities are endless!

Our Values

We started development of CodeSandbox with a single goal: make it easy to share projects, wherever you are. During development we started noticing other benefits though, and we decided to make three focus points for all further development.

Lower the Learning Curve

With CodeSandbox you don't have to do anything to start programming. You don't have to set up a development environment, you don't have to install dependencies, you don't even need a laptop! During initial development we quickly noticed that other students at the university were using CodeSandbox to learn React, and we found this a great idea.

We shifted our focus to make it as easy as possible to start a project, and to make UI and UX very simple but useful.

Empower Shareability and Discoverability

The initial reason Ives wanted to build CodeSandbox was because of shareability. The JavaScript community is one of the most active communities out there; libraries and projects are shared everyday. Still, it was very hard to share a project you've built with, for example, Vue or React. With CodeSandbox you can easily build, import or export your project and share a single URL.

We also aim to make discoverability very easy: it should be easy to find examples if you're struggling with a library.

Work as a Local Editor

We find it important to support the whole flow of development: from creation, to committing, to deployment. You should have your development environment everywhere, so you can work whenever you want. We make it possible to build a web application from start to finish, without leaving your browser.