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Accelerating Web Development

Founded in 2017 by Ives van Hoorne and Bas Buursma, our mission is to make web development faster. By removing complexity we enable web developers to be more productive. By simplifying collaboration we make it easier for teams to work on code together.


Code, not infrastructure

We handle the development environment, taking on setup, tooling, and provisioning, so it’s as fast as possible to start and build projects.

Shareable by default

We create solutions that enable developers to work from anywhere and teams to build together in new and more effective ways.

Work like local

We equip developers with a local editor experience that’s familiar and integrated with popular developer tools so the process of creation is seamless.

Our Investors and Advisors

FramerKoen BokFounder & CEO
FigmaDylan FieldFounder & CEO
NetlifyChristian BachFounder & President
Petri ParvinenAngel Investor
Marco JansenFounder Catawiki
NetlifyMathias BiilmannFounder & CEO
SourcegraphQuinn SlackFounder & CEO
VercelGuillermo RauchFounder & CEO

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We're proudly open-source with more than 200 contributors and counting.
They collaborate with our growing, remote-first team.

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