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Our Mission

Founded in 2017 by Ives van Hoorne and Bas Buursma, our mission is to enable any creator to build and share their ideas. By removing complexity and simplifying collaboration, we want to allow everyone to create things with code.


Our Team

We’re a small but growing remote-first team of creative professionals. Although our headquarters are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, most of our staff work from home in locations spread around the world.View open positions

Ives van Hoorne
Bas Buursma
Bogdan Luca
Oskar van Eeden
Danny Rutchie
Christian Alfoni
Sanne Kalkman
András Bácsai
Alex Moldovan
Zeh Fernandes
Danilo Woznica
Matan Kushner
Scott Hutcheson
Kate Beard
Tamas Szuromi
Jasper De Moor
Joana Telker
Roman Kuba
Marco Vincit
James Amey
Gianmarco Simone
Adewale Abati
Maria Clara
Lena Sotto Mayor

Our Investors

Most recently we raised a Series A round, bringing our total funding to $15M from top-tier VCs, operators, and Angels.

FramerKoen BokFounder & CEO
FigmaDylan FieldFounder & CEO
VercelGuillermo RauchFounder & CEO
NetlifyMathias BiilmannFounder & CEO
SourcegraphQuinn SlackFounder & CEO
NetlifyChristian BachFounder & President
PicnicDaniel GeblerFounder & CTO
Marco JansenFounder & CTO
Petri ParvinenAngel Investor
Andreas BlixtAngel Investor

Press Kit

Are you writing about us? Here are logos and product shots to download and use in web and print media.Download Press Kit ↓