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CodeSandbox Pro

Everything you love about CodeSandbox, but make it Pro.

private npm packages

Use private NPM packages and manage advanced permissions options


Go bigger and bolder with 500MB of storage and 30MB upload speed


Choose between different pricing and plans to suit your needs and budget

Power users and freelancers, we got you too.

All free features, plus:

  • Private sandboxes
  • Private GitHub repos
  • More storage space
  • Higher upload limits
  • Stricter sandbox permissions
scroll to plansCompare our plans
scroll to plansCompare our plans

Don't just take our word for it. Take it from our users.

CodeSandbox continues to amaze me every day.”

Peggy Rayzis

Peggy Rayzis

Engineering Manager, Apollo GraphQL

Accelerating developers and product teams

company logocompany logocompany logocompany logocompany logocompany logo

It's dramatically improved my experience of sharing ideas.”

Brian Vaughn

Brian Vaughn

Software Engineer, React Core Team

It feels much more like my local environment.”

Jonnie Hallman

Jonnie Hallman

Designer Developer, Stripe

Compare our plans and features



Personal Pro


Team Pro


Unlimited Sandboxes

Create as many sandboxes as you'd like and manage their permissions

Only publicPublic and privatePublic and privatePublic and private

Public NPM packages

Use any of the 1M+ public packages on npm in your sandboxes

Private NPM packages

Use private npm packages from your own custom registry


Private GitHub repositories

Import and sync private repositories from Github


Static file hosting

All static files served via CDN

20MB total,
7MB upload
30MB upload
30MB upload
30MB upload
Admin & Security


Organize sandboxes and templates. Search, sort, or modify sandboxes at once

Sandbox-level permissions

Manage your sandbox permissions and privacy settings


Team-level permissions

Disable the ability to fork or download all shared sandboxes in a team


Centralized billing

Everyone in a single account for easier team management & billing


Collaborative editing

Work on code and edit sandboxes with multiple people real-time

Classroom mode

Use Classroom Mode to control who can make edits or watch

Public profile

A personal portfolio page highlighting your best sandboxes

In-editor chat

Chat with collaborators about the code in real time

Code comments

Add comments about a sandbox or specific code lines


Preview comments

Comment directly in the sandbox preview, no need to open the editor


Team dashboards

Easy access to all team members work for editing, collaborating and managing


Team templates

Share your official template with your team members and establish workflow patterns


plus all our standard platform features

  • CodeSandbox CI

    A GitHub integration that auto-builds from pull requests

  • VS Code powered editor

    Leverage the power and familiarity of VS Code

  • Hot module reloading

    See changes as you make them

  • Keybindings & quick actions

    Perform common tasks speedily

  • Console

    View logging and console output to see loading progress and debug issues

  • Presentation mode

    Hide distracting editor elements for demos and screenshots

  • Custom themes

    Tweak theme styles with support for all VS Code themes

  • Type acquisition

    Typings automatically downloaded for every dependency

  • Vim mode

    Vim emulation in the editor, powered by the VSCodeVim extension

  • External resources

    Automatically include external resources, like CSS or JS files

  • Session Restore

    Recover un-saved changes between sessions

  • Prettier

    Code gets prettified on save according to preferences

  • ESLint

    Code is linted automatically

  • Emmet

    Expand abbreviations with in all JS, HTML, and CSS files

  • Configuration UI

    Expand abbreviations with in aEdit config files for npm, Prettier, Netlify, Vercel, TypeScript, and JavaScriptll JS, HTML, and CSS files

  • Export Zip

    Download your sandbox as a zip

  • Server control panel

    Restart the sandbox or server

  • Multiple ports

    Container apps can listen on one or more ports simultaneously

  • Secrets

    Hide sensitive information in your app and access them via environment variables

  • Test viewer

    Showing test results alongside your code

  • Problem viewer

    See errors clearly with our user-friendly overlay

  • React DevTools

    Integration of React’s own DevTools into the editor

  • Terminal

    Run scripts and commands from a terminal

  • GitHub import & export

    Import and sync public repos, export, create commits, and open PRs

  • Vercel and Netlify deploy

    Deploy a production version of your sandbox to Vercel or Netlify

  • Define API

    Programmatically create sandboxes via an API

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