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Experiment and learn without setup hassle.

Go straight to coding with instant sandboxes for rapid web development. Free for personal use.

Prototype Quickly
CodeSanddbox IDE

Code from anywhere.

You just need a web browser.

No setup.

Go straight to coding with templates.

VS Code built-in.

The editor is full-featured, yet familiar.

Experiment Easily
Try things out

Try things out.

See how they work in reality.
Evaluate npm modules

Evaluate npm modules.

See what works for your project.
Build Components

Test out components.

Create functional examples.

Share With a Click
Share fast

Share code & creations.

With friends, colleagues, or the world.

Provide reproducibles.

When creating GitHub issues.

Explain with code.

When asking or answering on Stack Overflow or Twitter.

Embed code examples.

In blog posts on Medium, DEV, or elsewhere.
Roy Derks

“I often use CodeSandbox to create demos or try out new JavaScript features or packages.”

Roy Derks, Engineering Manager, Vandebron

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Build in private

Build in private

Make sandboxes private and use private GitHub repos.
Share with a team or clients

Share with a team or clients

Set sandbox permissions to restrict forking or downloading code.
Create without limits

Create without limits

Get more file storage space and higher upload limits.

For power-users & freelancers.

Keep work private, get more space and higher upload limits.

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