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Get hires from new and excited to productive and happy.

You've hired new dev talent; now you need to get them on board and up to speed. CodeSandbox can help by making onboarding documentation interactive and internal training projects easily shareable for fast feedback from team members.

"All our web workshops are built with it!"
Jen Looper

Jen Looper

Founder of Vue Vixens

Make developer onboarding docs interactive

Embed sandboxes in your internal training documents, so you can demonstrate coding conventions, explain concepts, and show example components. Meaning new team members understand your team's best practices from the get-go.

Share sandboxes for fast feedback

When you send a link to a sandbox, you're sharing both the code and the running app. So fellow developers and designers can provide input and guidance on work, keeping new hires on the right track.

Skip the environment setup slog

CodeSandbox works in a web browser, with nothing to install and no environment set up. So you can get straight to working with code and leave setting up dev environments until later.

Bake-in best practices

Create workspace templates which provide starting points for new projects, pre-configured with styles, libraries, and settings that work exactly how you need them to.