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Take a hands-on approach to learning new tech.

As new web technologies emerge and evolve, it can be challenging to keep your skills fresh and knowledge up to date. CodeSandbox helps you take a hands-on approach to learn new libraries and frameworks by making it easy to try things out and understand how things really work.

"CodeSandbox is my life now."
Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds

Software Engineer Educator

Quickly try out frameworks and libraries

Start from a ready-made template for any popular framework, including React, Vue, Angular, or others. There’s no setup or boilerplate code to write—go straight to experimenting with code and concepts.

Code anywhere, on any device

You can use CodeSandbox on any device with a web browser. Take your code with you and work learning into your life—whether that’s coding on the go, at school, at work, or from home.

Re-use code shared by the community

Leverage the collective knowledge of the CodeSandbox community. Search more than 10M forkable sandboxes to see how others have tackled a problem or used a feature to kickstart your understanding.

Learn faster together

You can work on code with friends or colleagues in real-time, just like in a Google Doc.

Pair up and share knowledge by walking through code. Or send a sandbox link to someone to get help or provide a solution.

Fork official sandboxes for open source projects

Thousands of projects use CodeSandbox to host their code examples, making it easy for you to get started with them.