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Share knowledge
and learn together.

Use code, apps, and templates collectively. Learn from each other and bake in best practice.

Team dashboards

Team dashboards

Team templates

Provide starting points for new projects, pre-configured with styles, libraries, and settings to bake in best practice.


Subdivide your dashboard by organizing apps, hiring challenges, prototypes, and bug repros into folders.

Team member management

Control who can view and add comments, or edit sandboxes, so you safely share by default.


Show code and previews

Show code, the running app, or both at the same time to share an idea or communicate progress.


Designed to be lightweight yet powerful, our embeds won’t slow you down.

Embed anywhere

Embed sandboxes in docs, blog posts, and websites. Or the tools you use to get work done.

Made for sharing.

made to share

Secure, shareable links

Share code, work together or get feedback with a secure link that’s ready to share.

Team member invites

Invite members via email or username. Get your entire team on board with an invite link.

No install or downloads

With nothing to install or download, folks just need a web browser to get involved.

Come together to create.

Code online in real-time or asynchronously with your team.

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