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Run better, more efficient coding interviews and challenges.

Whiteboard exercises don’t get to the core skills you're looking for in a candidate. With CodeSandbox, you can run remote technical interviews and set coding challenges that let you see how candidates assess problems, approach solutions, and work with code.

"CodeSandbox is truly amazing."
Sarah Drasner

Sarah Drasner

Head of Developer Experience, Netlify

More efficient interviews for interviewers

Set a task to solve and review shared projects with your team to get feedback on candidates' solutions. Or pair up with remote candidates, and work through coding challenges together in real-time. So you can get a feel for their problem-solving and communication skills.

With CodeSandbox, you get an instant IDE that you can use on any device with a web browser. With live preview and auto-deploy, everyone can see real results.

There’s nothing to install, and no local setup—interviewers and interviewees can get straight to the task at hand.

Better interview experiences for candidates

VS Code powers the editor in CodeSandbox, so candidates get a real coding environment that looks and feels familiar. Candidates can focus on the code they are writing, rather than getting to grips with a new tool.

By creating a template project from which all candidates work from, you’re leveling the playing field. You can use front-end or back-end code, add npm dependencies, and configure it however you like. So you know tests are fair, and experiences are standardized.