Our Free tier is designed to make it very easy to start using CodeSandbox. Every Free workspace gets 400 free monthly credits, providing a great option for hobbyists to run a small side project. For example, it's enough to develop a small React web app for 40 hours per month on a Nano VM. The Free tier is also a good option for anyone wanting to evaluate how much VM usage they need before upgrading to a plan with more credits.


Sandboxes do not run on VMs, so any time spent on a Sandbox will not count toward your credit spend.

Note that if the free credits run out before the end of the billing cycle, all Devboxes and Repositories will enter into a frozen state.

In addition to the monthly free credits, the Free tier also provides access to 20 Sandboxes for the entire workspace and an additional 10 personal Sandbox drafts per workspace member. Unlike Devboxes and repositories, Sandboxes do not run on credits. Instead, there are multiple options for accessing Sandboxes at a flat rate. This is described more in the following section.


Pro provides access to a higher baseline of usage as well as the option to customize your subscription with add-ons and on-demand credits.

The Pro tier is ideal for professional development in the cloud, specifically for software development teams that want to achieve increased productivity and collaboration using the CodeSandbox cloud development environment.

Typically, the Pro tier is recommended when:

  • You need more than 5 members in your workspace.
  • You expect your total monthly workspace usage to exceed 40 hours of VM runtime.
  • You need additional VM storage (per each individual Devbox and Repository branch).
  • You want access to higher VM specs.
  • You want access to unlimited Sandboxes and drafts.

The complete details of the Free and Pro plans can be found in our Pricing (opens in a new tab) page.


The Pro plan can be extended with add-ons, which allow you to customize your workspace to meet your unique needs. There is a range of add-ons for VM credits with savings included for bulk purchases.

Specific add-on details can be found in our Pricing (opens in a new tab) page.