Instant dev environments.

CodeSandbox provides instant cloud development environments that keep you in flow.

Our microVM infrastructure makes it easy for you to spin up a development environment in the cloud and start working on it, whether it's a small prototype or a big monolith with multiple services.

To use CodeSandbox for cloud development with a strong GitHub integration, we recommend using Repositories. If you want to prototype an idea or create a demo, we recommend using Devboxes.


We provide many alternatives for you to code. Each option is built to help you focus on what matters: getting the work done without friction.

Unified Platform Editor

In November 2023 we launched the latest version of our web editor. Leveraging the power of VSCode, our new editor offers a seamless experience whether you're coding a basic front end demonstration in a Sandbox or building a full stack prototype in a Devbox. While there are some feature differences between the two environments. The Editor experience and layout is consistent on CodeSandbox, regardless of your start point. You can also easily convert Sandboxes to Devboxes when you're ready to take any of your projects to the next level.

V1 Sandbox Editor

Known and loved for years, our original editor was built for rapid web development using only the power of the browser. All the features from this editor are gradually being added to the Unified Platfrom Editor. However, the browser editor remains available to everyone who still calls it home.

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The V1 Editor only works with Browser Sandboxes. You can opt out of the Unified Platform (Beta) editor in your Experiments Settings (opens in a new tab)