CodeSandbox Repositories

CodeSandbox Repositories is a cloud development environment that instantly spins up a development environment for any branch in your GitHub repository. It was built with a focus on speed and collaboration and allows you to create a workspace to be experienced by multiple people at the same time.

Tailored for your project

Just like with CodeSandbox, Repositories was built to integrate directly with your project in an opinionated way.

Hosted in the cloud, it runs on microVMs technology that is configurable to the size of your project. Not only does this make you faster as a developer, but it makes overall development more accessible for developers of all levels.

Integrated with source control

In Repositories, every branch is its own development environment, backed by a unique URL. This means that you can share your branch and it will always be running, even if you’re offline.

This feature is specially useful when you’re working on a branch and need to quickly review a PR. Don't worry about stashing, running yarn install, or rolling back migrations on your current branch. Just open the PR in a new window and start reviewing!

A running environment in seconds

Repositories run on microVMs. When you press Create Branch, we automatically create a new branch and set up a development environment with running dev servers within a few seconds by cloning the microVM you branch from. You can read more about how this works here (opens in a new tab).

If you are looking at someone’s PR and want to quickly test a suggestion, simply click Create Branch, write the code and share a link to your changes. If you’re happy with the changes, merge that into the existing PR. All of this in under a minute.

Integrated with VS Code

Open any branch directly in your local VS Code and use all the extensions and keybindings that you’ve already configured. On top of this, all editors can collaborate seamlessly, so your team members can follow your steps on VS Code without leaving the Web Editor.

Develop on the go with an iOS native app


The CodeSandbox for iOS app is currently not supported.

Pick up where you left off or develop from scratch from an iPad or iPhone with all the functionalities that you would expect from a development environment.