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Pricing FAQs

Can I try a Pro Subscription before I commit?

Yes. Trials are available for Team Pro. You can learn more on our Trials page.

Can I switch my billing to annual or monthly after I subscribe?

When you sign up for a subscription, you can choose between monthly and annual billing. If you select one and are unhappy with your choice, you will have the option to change it at the start of the next billing cycle. Please contact support to make this request.

Can I sign up for a trial without adding my credit card information?

At this time, a credit card is required to sign up for a trial. If you don't have access to one while creating a team, you can always start that trial later.

To do that, you or another team member (as long as they are a team admin) need to navigate to the team settings page, which will display a prompt to start a free trial.

Why can't I see my subscription information on my team settings page?

Only team admins have access to subscription details and the option to manage a subscription. Non-admins (team members with editor and viewer roles) will not see the same options on the team settings page.