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Grow and engage with your developer community.

Removing friction from getting started with and using your product is key to the success of any developer relations program. With CodeSandbox you can skip the setup steps and boilerplate code, delivering better experiences for developers that will grow your community.

"CodeSandbox continues to amaze me every day."
Peggy Rayzis

Peggy Rayzis

Developer Experience, Apollo

Get users started faster with templates and demos

Provide starting points for your product, which folks can fork to get started quickly—helping them avoid writing boilerplate code while encouraging best practices.

Expand upon these starting points with more advanced demos—show off individual features and common use-cases of your product with code examples.

Make documentation interactive

Embed or link to worked examples from your reference docs to make them interactive. By sharing real examples, people can see both the code and a running version of it. They then only need to fork it to begin working with your product right away.

If your code examples already live on GitHub, then add an import to CodeSandbox link. That way users can run your code and see what it does without having to set anything up locally.

Educate users with blog posts and tutorials

You can use embeds or link to sandboxes in your blog posts and how-to tutorials. Demo new features, or walk users through the code and provide a working example to start from at the end.

Collaborate on code

With no setup or things to install, folks just need a browser to be able to watch you code live or work in a sandbox. Share a sandbox for real-time collaboration and let multiple people view or edit code at the same time.

Run better workshops and hackathons

CodeSandbox works in the browser, so there's nothing to install, and you don't need to set up machines for attendees. By creating templates to start from alongside worked solutions, attendees can go through exercises in the class and continue with them at home. All sandboxes are live, so you can collaborate on code with attendees or help those that get stuck along the way.

With support for backend as well as frontend development, you can kickstart projects at Hackathons. Give attendees a template to start from or repo to import from GitHub. They can then add any package on npm or fork and re-use code from our 10M+ community-created sandboxes.

Provide more effective support

Give users a template they can use to provide reproducible bug reports. This makes it easier for you to investigate the issue while ruling out environment issues and setup problems.

If users get stuck or have a question, you can give them working example code solutions in response. Share a sandbox so they can see where they went wrong, or provide a workaround to keep them moving forward.