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Come together to create collaboratively.

Collaborative coding environments can be tricky to set up. CodeSandbox helps break down the barriers to building together by making it easy for two or more folks to collaborate on code—in real-time, or asynchronously as part of a team.

"CodeSandbox is one of the best things to ever happen to the internet."
John Lindquist

John Lindquist

Co-founder, Egghead

Team up on code

Every sandbox is a collaborative coding environment for you to pair with friends and colleagues on code, or work together in a team.

With nothing to install, CodeSandbox lets you collaborate on code in real-time, you can see what others are typing, and preview changes as you make them. Everyone gets a cursor, so you can see who is working on what and where. The integrated live chat means you can discuss whatever it is you’re working on directly in the editor.

Work better together

You can create a workspace, enabling you to share sandboxes with team members and work on them together.

You can also make workspace templates to give everyone starter apps created around the libraries and components you use. You’re able to be more productive with consistent coding styles and conventions as part of your workflow.