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Always on previews, VScode improvements and better UI consistencies.

We're really excited to unveil what we worked on over the last two weeks.
Always on previews, VScode improvements and better UI consistencies.

Here's a summary of the last two weeks. We've been busy. Lets dive right into it:

  • Always on previews
    • You can now access preview URLs even if the VM behind it got hibernated and don't need to wait for it to wake up. It will then seamlessly start the VM if needed again.
  • Tasks
    • Get a UI notifcation when setup-tasks are completed
    • Fixed the invalid taskId object reference that would sometimes show up
  • VScode
    • Replaced “Create a Branch” with “Go to Branch” in the Repository tree view. You can now switch to any existing branch or create a new one within a single flow.
    • Introduced “Go to Repository” and “Go to Branch” commands to quickly switch between all your repositories or all branches within the currently active project respectively.
    • The project’s default branch is now marked with the label “Default” in both Repository tree view and when selecting branches in the “Go to Branch” quick pick window.
    • You can create a new branch much faster now due to the improved branch prompt.
    • Fixed an issue where “Import Project” context menu option would appear on irrelevant menus.
    • More reliable feedback when clicking "Open in VScode" and something is not working as expected
    • Fix issue with VSCode asking for a password sometimes if the users' name was not defined during the git setup.
  • Other improvements, Fixes, and additions
    • Prompt GitHub scope updates if needed
    • You can directly fork a project if you do not have write permissions
    • Branching always takes you to the same file you were just looking at
    • Reorganized the Context Menu to avoid confusion. For example Discard Changes and Discard all (n) changes are now next to each other to not click the wrong one by accident
    • Improved the 404 page
    • Restarting a shell task now properly terminates the previously running task if possible.
    • We disabled git-access for read-only branches.
    • Don't show "Open PR" for read-only branches.
    • Get a generative gradient icon when the user didn't upload an avatar in the team settings.
    • Fixed a critical bug that could corrupt the VM and would force a reimport of the project.
    • Limited branch name length to 80 characters as sometimes GitHub would refuse to create branches through the API with too long names

And actually, a lot more happened in these weeks. Easily some of our most productive weeks in recent memory. But ... the coolest things are still on the very close horizon. So stay tuned!


Your CodeSandbox Team

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