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Open Source

Reclaim your time and improve developer experiences.

Maintaining open source projects can be enormously fulfilling, yet time-consuming and stressful. CodeSandbox gives open source maintainers the tools to improve documentation, handle bug reports, and test more efficiently. So you can get some of your time back.

Open Source
"CodeSandbox is the best thing that has happened to OSS maintainers."
Marvin Hagemeister

Marvin Hagemeister

Software Engineer, Preact Core Team

Get fewer support requests

Show, don't just tell, by embedding live code examples in your documentation. Users can see both the code and a running version of it, to better understand how they can use it. Or link to sample sandboxes that show what can be done, which folks can fork and build upon with no setup.

If your code examples are already on GitHub, try adding an import to CodeSandbox link. That way, users can run your code to see what it does without having to set things up locally.

Spend less time bug fixing

Create a template sandbox for issue creators to provide you with a reproducible bug report. It removes the possibility of environment issues so that you can understand the real problem faster.

Use CI built with maintainers in mind

CodeSandbox CI integrates with GitHub to automatically build PRs and create sandboxes using them. This makes it possible to test fixes without the need to clone, install, and check things locally.