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Collaborate & Share

Collaborate & Share

At CodeSandbox, we believe that collaborating on code should be as easy as possible. As we have grown and evolved our tools, we have also expanded our options for working together.

Collaboration with Live

What is Live?

All sandboxes on CodeSandbox are live, meaning you can share your sandbox with others for real time collaboration on code. You can simultaneously create, delete, edit and move files and code with others in a sandbox, as well as chat about your changes. It's like Google Docs, but for coding.

Live mode

Going Live

All sandboxes are live by default, you can invite contributors to join the sandbox using the share button from the top bar in the editor. In addition, if you go to the Live tab from the activity bar, you can get a Live URL to share with other CodeSandbox users (they will not need to be members of the Sandbox). Live editors can only make edits to the sandbox while they are in the session, they cannot do this when just viewing the sandbox.

Invited editors can simultaneously edit, create, rename and update files and code, as well as add and remove dependencies. You can also see which file other collaborators are looking at and what their current selections are.

Going Live

Classroom Mode

With Classroom Mode you can define who can edit the sandbox. This is especially useful when working with large groups. You will only see the cursors of the users that are 'editor'.

You can enable Classroom Mode from the Live Mode drop-down menu.

Classroom mode

You can give someone editor rights by pressing the '+' icon next to their name, or you can make someone a spectator by clicking the '-' icon next to their name.