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Explore Page & Curators

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Curators can pick outstanding sandboxes to be featured on the explore page. You can find info here on how to get picked and how to become a curator.

Explore Page

CodeSandbox features an explore page. The explore page functions as a place where curators can highlight interesting or visually appealing sandboxes created by others.

What is a curator

A curator is someone in the community who has the privilege to pick sandboxes for the explore page. You can get an invitation to become a "curator" from the staff or other curators. Everyone is applicable to become a curator, but we generally select people that are already active on CodeSandbox or are knowledgeable in a specific field (eg. animations).

If you're interested in becoming a curator you can send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Which sandboxes get picked

Sandboxes get picked based on their contents and their appearance. This can be exclusive, meaning that we can pick sandboxes that are not visually appealing but show some really interesting logic or approach. We can also pick sandboxes that only show something really good visually. A nice visual is always a plus, but not a requirement.

How can I get picked

We have a dashboard with popular sandboxes to pick from, but we also pick based on what we happen to see. We generally scour Twitter for sandboxes too, if you want to be picked we recommend you to mention us in a tweet @codesandbox with your sandbox!