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Version One

Zachariah Moreno, CEO and CTO of SquadCast

May 4 2021

Listen to Version One, the latest podcast from CodeSandbox. Hosted by Maurice Cherry, Verison One is all about the web’s most talked about tools and the makers behind them. In this episode, SquadCast CEO and CTO Zachariah Moreno, joins to share his experiences in coding, and how a side project in podcasting led to the creation of one of the most innovative companies known in the industry.

The episode begins with Zachariah sharing his motives to attend the Sacramento Art Institute. Growing up, he always had a passion for the fine arts, especially cooking. When he first stepped foot at Sacramento Art Institute, Zachariah was set on wanting to pursue a culinary career; however, he slowly started to learn more about graphic design and frontend developing on campus. These areas became new passions of his, and it led him to pivoting to learning more about code.

Zachariah’s college experience culminated in being accepted for an internship at Google. The application process was tedious, but Zachariah credits several mentors and his ambitious attitude for getting his foot in the door at Google. There, he learned from several prominent mentors in the coding world—including John Barton. Zachariah credits his experience at Google for helping him not only learn more about engineering, but also about how to navigate workload and professionalism.

Following his last year of college, Zachariah successfully obtained an internship for the state of California. He explains government tech is drastically different from the tech world of he knew of at Google, and so it gave him a better perspective of the industry overall. Zachariah also explains the experience was his act of civic duty—he wanted to take part in making his community a better place.

Not too far after his last internship in Sacramento, Zachariah was led to San Francisco to work for the California Coastal Commission. His time spent in Silicon Valley was rich in new opportunities, but his entrance into SquadCast was quite unpredictable.

Podcasting started as a hobby for Zachariah. When he learned podcasts could be more than just talk shows, Zachariah, his brother, and his best friend all decided to start their own science fiction focused show. But before the show even started, they had an issue. They had bad sound quality when trying to record together from their different cities.

The guys did their research and came up with the beginnings of SquadCast.

Ultimately, Zachariah saw a problem in audio quality that deserved to be fixed—and he decided he was up for the challenge. To hear more about how SquadCast grew and scaled itself into what it is now, listen to this episode of Version One.


  • 1:18 Zachariah’s first job
  • 2:11 Art Institude of Sacremento
  • 3:51 Internship at Google
  • 10:05 Last year of college
  • 12:48 California Coastal Commission
  • 14:16 Podcast beginnings
  • 17:57 Start of SquadCast
  • 20:25 SquadCast beta
  • 23:13 Zachariah’s one piece of advice to his younger self.

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