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  • For learning & experimenting
  • Free for individuals
  • ✓ All Platform features
  • ✓ Public sandboxes
  • ✓ Personal dashboard
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  • For power-users & freelancers
  • All in Personal, plus:
  • + Private sandboxes
  • + Private GitHub repos
  • + More storage space
  • + Higher upload limits
  • + Stricter sandbox permissions
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Team ProOrganizationEnterprise
  • Dashboard

    Organize sandboxes and templates. Search, sort, or modify sandboxes at once

  • Centralized Billing

    Everyone in a single account for easier team management & billing

  • Sandbox-level Permissions

    Disable the ability to fork or download a shared sandbox

  • Team-level Permissions

    Disable the ability to fork or download all shared sandboxes in a team

  • Analytics

    Measure impact and refine creations with sandbox analytics

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Integrate your identity management system and enforce SSO

  • Multiple Teams

    Bring multiple teams together in a single account to collaborate

  • Priority Customer Support

    Prioritized, fast and helpful support via email

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    A single point of contact for your support needs

  • On-Premise

    Your own instance running on bare-metal or your own cloud

  • Private Cloud

    Your own instance running in a virtual private cloud

  • Team ProOrganizationEnterprise
  • Unlimited Public Sandboxes

    Sandboxes, both the preview and code, are available publicly by default

  • Public NPM Packages

    Use any of the 1M+ public packages on npm in your sandboxes

  • Templates

    Start from an official template, or create your own

  • Static File Hosting

    All static files served via CDN

    500MB/user, 30MB upload500MB/user, 30MB uploadUnlimited
  • Unlimited Private Sandboxes

    Set a sandbox as private or unlisted so others can’t see the code

  • Private GitHub Repos

    Import and sync repos which are private on GitHub to CodeSandbox

  • Private NPM Packages

    Use private npm packages from your own custom registry

  • Team ProOrganizationEnterprise
  • Team Dashboards

    View, edit, and manage public and private sandboxes with a team

  • Team Templates

    Start from an official template, or share your own

  • Embeds

    Embed sandboxes in docs, blog posts, websites, or tools

  • Team ProOrganizationEnterprise
  • Unlimited Viewers

    Add collaborators to view and comment on sandboxes for free

  • Code Comments

    Add comments about a sandbox or specific code lines

  • Preview Comments

    Add comment on the preview in the sandbox

  • Shareable Links

    Per sandbox URL with HTTPS support for secure project sharing

  • Team ProOrganizationEnterprise
  • IDE
  • VS Code powered Editor

    Leverage the power and familiarity of VS Code

  • Hot Module Reloading

    See changes as you make them

  • Keybindings & Quick Actions

    Perform common tasks speedily

  • Console

    View logging and console output to see loading progress and debug issues

  • Zen Mode

    Zen mode hides distracting editor elements for demos and screenshots

  • Custom Themes

    Tweak theme styles with support for all VS Code themes

  • Type Acquisition

    Typings automatically downloaded for every dependency

  • Vim Mode

    Vim emulation in the editor, powered by the VSCodeVim extension

  • External Resources

    Automatically include external resources, like CSS or JS files

  • Session Restore

    Recover un-saved changes between sessions

  • Prettier

    Code gets prettified on save according to preferences

  • ESLint

    Code is linted automatically

  • Emmet

    Expand abbreviations with in all JS, HTML, and CSS files

  • Configuration UI

    Edit config files for npm, Prettier, Netlify, Vercel, TypeScript, and JavaScript

  • Export Zip

    Download your sandbox as a zip

  • Development
  • Server Control Panel

    Restart the sandbox or server

  • Multiple Ports

    Container apps can listen on one or more ports simultaneously

  • Secrets

    Hide sensitive information in your app and access them via environment variables

  • Test Viewer

    Showing test results alongside your code

  • Problem Viewer

    See errors clearly with our user-friendly overlay

  • React DevTools

    Integration of React’s own DevTools into the editor

  • Terminal

    Run scripts and commands from a terminal

  • Live
  • Collaborative editing

    Work on code and edit sandboxes with multiple people

  • In-editor Chat

    Chat with collaborators about the code you’re all working on

  • Classroom Mode

    Use Classroom Mode to control who can make edits or watch

  • Integrations
  • GitHub Import & Export

    Import and sync public repos, export, create commits and open PRs

  • Vercel Deploy

    Deploy a production version of your sandbox to Vercel

  • Netlify Deploy

    Deploy a production version of your sandbox to Netlify

  • Stackbit

    Import projects generated by Stackbit

  • API
  • Define API

    Programmatically create sandboxes via an API

  • Import CLI

    Import a local project to CodeSandbox easily

  • CodeSandbox CI

    A GitHub integration that auto-builds from pull requests