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CodeSandbox acquihires Anyfiddle creator Joji Augustine.

CodeSandbox acquihires Anyfiddle creator Joji Augustine.
  • Anyfiddle sunset. Users can download generated content.
  • Joji Augustine relocates from Bangalore, IN to Amsterdam, EU.
  • CodeSandbox continues to invest and draws in creators, the talent it’s looking for.

Ever since we started to hire our first team members it has never mattered to us where we find our talent, our doors have always been open. With a handful of inspired developers collaborating on something exciting in their free time we started our journey and today, almost five years later, we have grown CodeSandbox into a business with a team of 30 and 18 different nationalities.

While still being a relatively small team and with most peers being located in Europe and around the East Coast of North & South America, we try to keep our team members close to those regions in order to ensure sufficient overlap for collaboration and opportunity for actual facetime, all the while strongly supporting async work. However, our intention to keep our doors open to anyone regardless of place of residence still stands. What does that mean? Well, if we want to ensure we have enough daytime to do great things together, then we are happy to relocate you. If you didn't already know, let us inform you that CodeSandbox is an official visa sponsor of the Netherlands. Just recently we added Joji Augustine to the team, who together with his wife has started the journey to make the move to the Netherlands early this year.

Joji has worked for the past few years on Anyfiddle, an online playground for any language. He built this completely on his own and has a ton of experience when it comes to building and scaling development containers that run in the cloud. This is why he is a great addition to the team; he’ll help us scale our infrastructure and make the experience of CodeSandbox faster and faster!

While some people, like Joji, are being relocated more permanently, others choose to embark on a more temporary adventure. One of our Canadian peers is currently traveling Europe and enjoying the perks of our remote-first culture.

Although traveling or even relocation are opportunities some would never pass up, they aren’t suitable for everyone. Therefore, as we are growing, we realize the importance of expanding the time zones we operate in to keep our doors open for global applicants. This means we have to make some adjustments. For instance, recently we activated our U.S. entity which from now on allows us to employ U.S. residents and offer healthcare benefits. This was an essential step in response to meeting the needs of our current team and to open up to a wider range of candidates in the U.S. market.

CodeSandbox has always been great at “making it possible” and will continue to do so as we expand and respond to the aspirations of our team. Whilst we don't have any plans to grow very large very quickly (we love our start-up vibe), we will be growing steadily. If you consider yourself a creator intrigued by unexplored challenges, driven to disrupt and to make an impact together as a team, check out our current openings on our careers site.

For more details and information on the future of Anyfiddle, please check the Anyfiddle announcement.