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The CodeSandbox Podcast

Open Source with Elizabet Oliveira

Apr 22, 2021

Welcome to The CodeSandbox Podcast with host Sara Vieira, a frontend developer at CodeSandbox. CodeSandbox is an online code editor that assists developers in creating projects and apps both quickly and collaboratively.

In this episode, Sara is joined by Elizabet Oliveira, a Product Designer for Elastic. The two talk about what makes a good design system, open source, and what Elizabet has learned from the industry over the years.

One thing listeners will find unique is Elizabet was introduced to design through her work as a musician in Portugal. She would make websites, design flyers, and use other marketing practices to promote herself. When the financial crisis hit Portugal around 2010, Elizabet found she needed to pivot in her career and focus on web and web design. After all, she and her friends knew she had a true artistic talent in design.

Elizabet then talks about her experiences at different companies before Elastic. She mentions when she first worked her way up to Jr. Designer, she was initially focused on wanting to impress her superiors and show her skills; however, over time she learned that good design revolved more around accessibility and accessible UX.

When asked about her experiences in open sourcing, Elizabet tells she has come to like how it works. She notes that the “ease of collaboration” as a big factor as to why likes it. Elizabet also explains that she uses CodeSandbox when handling demos that have JS—and she especially uses CodeSandbox when it comes to efficiently sharing UI patterns on Slack to other coworkers.


  • 0:24 Introduction of Elizabet Oliveira 0:45 Working at Elastic
  • 2:28 Elizabet’s journey in design
  • 4:23 Experiences in the music industry 5:55 Getting to solve problems
  • 7:53 How you think over time as a designer 8:44 What makes a design system good 9:26 Using CodeSandbox
  • 11:21 Thoughts on open source

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