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The CodeSandbox Podcast

Collaboration with John Lindquist

May 6, 2021

Welcome to The CodeSandbox Podcast with host Sara Vieira, a frontend developer at CodeSandbox. CodeSandbox is an online code editor that assists developers in creating projects and apps both quickly and collaboratively. In each episode, tune in to hear discussions with knowledgeable developers on everything from developer relations to project building, as we provide listeners with valuable insight to help improve their own technical and creative skills.

Today on The CodeSandbox Podcast, host Sara Vieira sits down with John Lindquist, instructor and co-founder of the educational platform for developers of all levels, Sara begins today’s interview by asking John about the trajectory of his career and how he found his way to web development instruction. It’s clear from the start that John possessed a passion for content creation, saying that he started out on his own making videos to help users utilize JavaScript. Over the years he has worked with major companies across various industries such as Disney, Target, HBO, as well as the Air Force to help agencies build the strongest of web apps. Shifting away from the marketing realm, John reveals how he then segued into work as a developer advocate. When asked about what value John gained from this area of the industry, he explains how he was able to develop his public speaking skills and further understand how best to relate to an audience that would regularly approach him to ask questions at various conferences.

Ultimately, this led John to partner with co-founder, Joel Hooks. Between the two of them, Joel and John have built their website from the ground up, hired a team, networked, and have continued to provide valuable learning materials to users looking to kick-start their developer careers.

When asked about the nature of collaboration, John acknowledges the differences between working solo versus working with a team. He adamantly believes that both have their benefits, but that collaboration in nature has a uniquely human quality: connection. John shares his process for working with new instructors and how he helps them zero in on what it is they wish to teach and what action steps they need to take to achieve their goals. John concludes today’s episode by discussing his exciting new project in automation.

Through collaboration, John has been able to use CodeSandbox to help enhance itself as well as to help enhance the experiences of those just starting out within the company. To further connect with CodeSandbox and to keep up with their latest work, be sure to listen, share, subscribe, and shout us out on social media with the hashtag #csbpodcast!


  • 00:09 - Host Sara Vieira introduces herself and gives background on CodeSandbox. 00:26 - Sara introduces guest John Lindquist.
  • 00:59 - John discusses how got its start.
  • 02:35 - The scope of John’s career from marketing to developer advocate.
  • 04:21 - Conferences and honing your public speaking skills. 05:19 - Working solo vs. Working with others.
  • 06:39 - The role collaboration has played in’s success. 07:21 - Key elements of successful collaboration.
  • 09:51 - The benefits of CodeSandbox partnering with
  • 11:29 - The joys of John’s job and his exciting new project in automation. 12:49 - Where you can further connect with John Lindquist.
  • 13:22 - Where to keep up with CodeSandbox and their latest work.

Learn more about and their services on their website. Follow on Twitter. Connect with John Lindquist on Twitter. Be the first to access John’s newest project materials coming soon on Learn more about CodeSandbox and their services on their website. Follow CodeSandbox on Twitter. Connect with host Sara Vieira on Twitter.