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A team makes it easier to collaborate on sandboxes with others. In a team you share ownership of the sandboxes and every sandbox automatically has a live session open.

Creating a Team

You can create and manage teams from the dashboard.

Create Team

As soon as you've created a team you will be shown the team overview.

Team Overview

Inviting Team Members

There's no limit on how many team members a team can have. You can invite others by entering their username in the bottom left corner. They will get a notification (the bell icon in the header) in CodeSandbox when they are invited to a new team. From there they can accept or refuse the invitation.

Team Notifications

Sharing Sandboxes

On the dashboard, a team has a sidebar item called "Our Sandboxes" with directories, just like your personal sandboxes. You can create new sandboxes directly from here, or drag your own sandboxes from 'My Sandboxes' to 'Our Sandboxes'. All sandboxes in a team can be seen and edited by all team members. We keep track of who originally created the sandbox though, and only the original creator of the sandbox can delete it.

Team Sandboxes

Collaborating on Sandboxes

Whenever you open a team sandbox, you also automatically open a live session. Other team members will join this live session if they open the sandbox as well. You can still invite other people who aren't members of the team to the live session.

Going Live