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CodeSandbox is an online editor that helps you create web applications, from prototype to deployment.

Tailored for web applications

We know how overwhelming JavaScript development can be. With CodeSandbox we specifically focus on web application development to make the experience as smooth as possible. Just open your browser and start coding.



Used for any kind of project, based on: parcel.

Supported Loaders


CSS Scoping Support

Global, Modules

Share in a single click

Say goodbye to the days where you had to create a zip file just to share your code. Now you can copy the link and share away!

Sandbox Count

NPM Support

Think of any npm dependency you want to use, we probably support it! You can install a new dependency within seconds.
Learn how it works.

Search & Discovery

Want to know how a library works? You can easily browse through the 800,000+ created sandboxes on CodeSandbox. We want this to be a platform where everyone can easily learn and share.


We built a lightweight version of CodeSandbox for embeds, this allows you to embed your sandbox anywhere. Viewers can even play with the code in the embed, without leaving the website. We offer many customization options to make sure you can show the embed exactly the way you want.

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Be Productive, Anywhere

We aim to give you the tools to build a full blown web application. You can easily import projects from GitHub, make commits, and finally deploy. We support the whole cycle.


Paste your GitHub URL. You get a sandbox that stays up to date with the latest changes automatically.


Fork the sandbox and start building that long awaited feature!


Commit your changes or open a pull request with a user friendly UI.


Deploy a production version of your sandbox using ZEIT's Now.

There's more

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things to explore, if you are missing anything you can always open an issue on GitHub.

Live Collaboration
Edit sandboxes together in real time, Google Docs style. Use Classroom Mode to control who can make edits.
Jest Integration
We automatically run Jest tests and show the results with an intuitive UI.
Keybindings and Quick Actions
Use Keybindings and Quick Actions to execute commonly used actions more quickly.
Configuration UI
We show a UI for configuration files so you don't have to look up how the configuration is structured.
Export to GitHub
All sandboxes can easily be exported to a GitHub repository.
Static File Hosting
The development server will serve all files statically from the public folder, depending on the template.
Integrated DevTools
The preview window has integrated DevTools, like a console, test view and a problem viewer.
Private/Unlisted Sandboxes
You can set a sandbox to private or unlisted to make sure others cannot see or find it.
Externally Hosted Previews
You can open your sandbox preview with a separate URL, while still keeping Hot Module Reloading.
Monaco Editor
We use the same editor as VSCode, which gives us "Go to Definition", "Replace Occurences" and more!
Hot Module Reloading
Hot Module Reloading is built in, so you won't have to press refresh for every change.
Error Overlay
We show a user friendly error overlay for every error, sometimes with suggestions on how to solve it.
Automatic Type Acquisition
Typings are automatically downloaded for every dependency, so you always have autocompletions.
Thanks to Monaco we show TypeScript autocompletions and diagnostics for TS sandboxes.
Code automatically gets prettified on save according to your own Prettier preferences.
All code is linted automatically using latest version of ESLint, with full ES6 support.
You can easily expand abbreviations with in all JS, HTML and CSS files.
Open Source
We're almost fully open source! Our most active repository can be found here.
Import with CLI
You can export a local project to CodeSandbox easily using codesandbox-cli.
Export To Zip
You can always download a zip from your sandbox for if you want to continue locally.

Become a Patron

You can support our development by becoming a Patron and paying a monthly amount of your choice. As a Patron you get less limits and extra features, like private sandboxes. There are more patron features coming.

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